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Nahuel Bigliani

Instructor of Salsa, Bachata, Merengue


Let me introduce myself. I’m Nahuel, I’m from Argentina and I started dancing salsa more than 10 years ago. It immediately became my passion. During all these years, I’ve been training constantly and I’ve taken different classes to improve my dancing, including ballet and acrobatics. I’ve also participated in numerous competitions, nationally and internationally, such as the World Salsa Summit (1st place locally and 4th place nationally), the Salsa and Bachata Championship (1st place locally) and the Euroson, in México. 

In my classes, we will focus on the basic steps, body movement, musicality, combinations for partners and solo footwork, all part of the amazing process of becoming a great dancer.

But remember! It’s not just about following steps, it’s about feeling the music, having control of your body, improving your creativity, gaining more confidence and expressing yourself.


¡Let’s start!

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